On October 2013, PT Tedco Agri Makmur has started a biogas project activity. This biogas project activity is one kind of wastewater utilization. All wastewater from the production process has historically been treated at an open anaerobic lagoon system before flowing out....
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Marked with the issuance of the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to PT Makmur Tedco Agri . On 18 November 2013 , PT Makmur Tedco Agri been declared successful in establishing quality management system...
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Tedco Agri Makmur

Vision, Mision and Tag Line


Being the best integrated cassava company, valuable and continuous growth


More People Happy
      •   Provide the best products/services to Customer
      •   Provide profitable to Stakeholders
      •   Provide more benefit to Society



“ To provide first choice of quality products with competence human resource and TIMESS characters and continuous improvement spirit “


We do more…

Meanings that we have commitment to do more and have flexibility in our products for customer satisfaction.


Corporate Value

T : (Tough), We do with maximum effort to finish the jobs and solve the problems : hard works, fighter, dicipline
I : (Integrity), We have sense of belongings to do the best : honest, commitment, responsible
M : (Manager), We always learn and work with the knowledge to achieve the target : visioner, problem solver, leadership, entrepreneurship
E : (Excellent), We have to do effectively and efficiency : good process and good result
S : (Success), We are a team for leading and the winner
S : (Social), We always keep our social contribution activities for the society