On October 2013, PT Tedco Agri Makmur has started a biogas project activity. This biogas project activity is one kind of wastewater utilization. All wastewater from the production process has historically been treated at an open anaerobic lagoon system before flowing out....
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Marked with the issuance of the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to PT Makmur Tedco Agri . On 18 November 2013 , PT Makmur Tedco Agri been declared successful in establishing quality management system...
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Tedco Agri Makmur

About Us

PT Tedco Agri makmur is a national private company built in 2008 and it is one of subsidiary companies of Tedco Group. Our first Tedco Agri factory was built in 2009 and started to operate in 2011. Tedco Agri is an integrated manufacturer of tapioca starch. Tedco Agri factory is located on the area about 45 Ha in Desa Tanjung Ratu, Way Pangubuhan, Lampung.

The factory is operating by Indonesian human resources with have experience and competencies in the same business before. We have strong commitment to provide the best quality product to our customers and We always concern with QHSE factors (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) :

Quality : to make sure our quality of products in every process match with the standard.
Health : to provide and keep our workspace in clean and health environments.
Safety : to make sure safety for our employees.
Environment : to provide environment cleanness, green, and environmental friendly.

Our factory also built biogas system in 2014 from our liquid waste of process result and make it our factory can produce power itself and make it this factory have environment-friendly. Currently We are building the next second factory which more modern and efficient to give better product for our customers.